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Hot And Ice – Nancy A


Stunning Nancy A looks elegantly sexy in a long summer dress, her gorgeous blonde hair cascading in waves over her slender shoulders. She fans herself with her straw hat, pouring herself a cooling drink and adding some ice. That gives her a naughty idea, and she pulls her dress down so she can rub an ice cube over her perfect breasts, teasing her nipples stiff. Thoughts of cooling down are soon forgotten as her wandering hands get her hotter than ever, slipping below the clinging dress and then peeling it off altogether. Lying on the bed, she tugs her skimpy panties aside to let the warm summer air tease her pussy, then takes them off, needing to be naked. She turns onto her hands and knees, rocking back to let her peachy ass and shaved pussy feel the breeze. Caressing her silky skin, she takes sensual pleasure from her own naked beauty.

Date: July 18, 2019
Actors: Nancy A