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Favorite Routine – Misty Lovelace


As she embarks on a vigorous workout in body hugging gym kit, magnificent Misty Lovelace proves that she’s fit in every sense of the word. Stretching her supple body every which way, the hot American brunette works herself into a sexual frenzy, which escalates once she pulls off her top and jiggles her small but perfectly formed breasts. Her face cracks a super sexy smile as she raises her legs and slides off her shorts to expose her partially shaven, though still profusely hairy pussy. She tugs teasingly at the hair, lifts a leg and pulls at one of her delicious ass cheeks, so that her pussy slightly parts. She evidently has a thing about tugging at her plump labia, her enjoyment obvious she does so. She massages her pussy to a powerful climax.

Date: July 21, 2019
Actors: Misty Lovelace