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Do It Like A Model: Lucretia K – Lucretia K


Dressed in nothing but sexy black lingerie, lovely Lucretia K immediately slips a hand inside her panties to play with her pussy, while the other slides inside her bra and pops out her curvy, firm breasts so that she can fondle them lovingly. The hot Ukrainian brunette’s body undulates sensually as she slides her panties down her legs and kicks them off. Her pussy is shaved squeaky clean and she wastes no time in paying it some frantic finger service. As sexual sensations course through her body, it starts to tingle and tremble, so she kneels down on some pillows. Tugging on her curvy ass, she slides a hand between her legs and dips a finger deep inside her pussy. She breathes heavily, well en route to a glorious orgasm.

Date: June 18, 2019
Actors: Lucretia K